The More I learn, the Less I Know

Post Options

When you click “Add New” in the editor, there will automatically be a title and one text area, and you just type. The result will be what you see in this paragraph and what you’ve already seen in the About The Design post. A simple text post. From there, you have quite a few options.…
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About The Design

While playing with the design, I found there aren’t really enough content sections to start dissecting the site into too many component parts for the drill-down visual menu hierarchy we originally discussed just yet. I thought it would be alright, but getting the menus in order on the first couple design tries things looked a…
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Your Opera Template

Just like editing any other post, the template I created for your libretti can be found in the block menu. You’ll go to the menu and scroll down to reusable blocks and click Your Libretto Template. The format will automatically load and look like this. Once the template is in place, you have to make…
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