Notes and Libretti

The More I learn, the Less I Know

Here are gathered detailed notes, synopses, or most importantly, side-by-side, more or less line-by-line translations of as many operas in Italian, German, and French as I can generate. Where useful I include YouTube links to recordings. This is a work in progress and will contain, to be charitable to myself, rough spots. Although I earned a doctorate in English and Comparative literature many years ago, I am not a scholar in these specific periods, nor a professional musician, nor, alas a poet. So in the translations there will be much that is ungainly and probably not a few howlers. I am gradually working to improve the texts. I welcome corrections and suggestions.

The formatting of these side-by-side texts is designed to be parallel in full-screen mode. If you open them in a smaller window the two sides may not stay together.