The More I learn, the Less I Know

This space embodies the passion I have nursed since one evening in 1964, when I was handed a glass of a 1959 Burgundy, the aroma of which overwhelmed my senses and inspired yet another distraction from my slowly progressing dissertation on renaissance poetry. Later, when I was privileged to live for a few years in Paris and Bordeaux, I collected some great bottles, made forays to vineyard regions, and learned the men and women who tranform a banal fruit into ambrosia. Part of my life has been spent in the retail and distribution trade as well as in wine education and promotion, including a few lectures on American wines at the University of Bordeaux.

Here I am posting essays and notes on scattered wine-related topics, including tasting notes, surveys of wine producing areas, and reports on visits to producers. Watch for my report on Vinexpo Bordeaux 2019 and investigation into the wonderful variety of wines produced in the Southwest of France.