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Adelaide di Borgogna: ossia Ottone, re d’Italia

Adelaide di Borgogna (Adelaide of Burgundy)

Enrico di Borgogna (1818)

Opera in 2 acts, first performed 14 November 1818

Il falegname di Livonia (1819)

Comic Opera in 2 Acts

Zoraida di Granata (1822)

Heroic Opera in Two Acts
Libretto by Bartolomeo Merelli

La zingara (1822)

Melodrama Semiserio in 2 Acts
Libretto by Andrea Leone Tottola

La lettera anonima (1822)

Farce in One Act

Alfredo il grande (1823)

(Alfred the Great)

Emilia di Liverpool (1824)

Type your introduction here. (Emily of Liverpool) Drama Semiserio in Two ActsLibretto by Giuseppe Ceccherini CAST OF CHARACTERS Emily Soprano Claude of Liverpool, her father Bass Frederick Tenor Sir Romualdo Buffo Candida, his daughter Mezzo-soprano Louisa Soprano The Count Bass A Villager Chorus of Villagers The action takes place in a valley a few leagues…
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Alahor in Granata (1826)

Alahor in GranadaMusic Drama in 2 ActsLibretto by M. A. ARGUMENT It was then a time when the factions of the Abencerages and the Zegris in Granada were engaged in bloody subversion of that kingdom. One night, Ali, chief of the Zegri, arouses the the Abencerages with a false alarm, makes a terrible slaughter of…
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Elvida (1826)

Music Drama in One ActLibretto by Giovanni Schmidt ARGUMENT[From the printed edition of the libretto] This brief dramatic action has no historical basis. In the continual wars that shook Spain during the Moorish occupation, it is related that a noble Castilian lady was taken prisoner by the Moors; that a warrior prince, to whom she…
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